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Overlays can be used for a variety of purposes. You can find overlays on just about every product manufactured. Your remote controller, computer, appliances in your kitchen, gauges in an aircraft. Overlays can communicate vital information to consumers and end users of a product. Whether it’s branding a product for product identification or guiding an equipment operator to press the right buttons to perform a technical job,  overlays and custom overlays are often used. An overlay tells the equipment operator what the blinking light means on the instrument panel or the homeowner what button to push to raise the temperature on the digital thermostat.

Some graphics companies specialize in manufacturing these products for a variety of electronic components They are used for industrial controls; appliances, such as microwaves and stoves; cell phones, ATM machines, and exercise equipment. Overlays and custom overlays can also be found on the control panel of U.S. Military fighter aircraft.



Graphics companies manufacture custom overlays for any kind of product often with very fast turnaround times after artwork is approved. They can be made using your product blue prints or custom die cut shapes. They can be screen printed for appliances, electronics, automobiles, computer hardware, OEM for an industry or product. You can have them digitally printed with photos, logos and graphics in full four color process or Pantone spot colors.

AOverlays | Look To The Industry's Leader For The Best In Custom Overlaysn overlay can be die cut to fit any of your products. Overlays and can be embossed and debossed. Texture or selective texture can be added to the surface of an overlay. Adhesive or selective adhesive can be added for simple application procedures. It can be chemical, moisture, shatter and scratch and scuff resistant. Overlays or custom overlays can also be laminated for durability and long-lasting characteristics. There are a number of finishes you can choose for your custom overlays: velvet, matte, antiglare, or glossy.

Custom Overlays are made using a wide range of materials, imaging techniques, and cosmetic options. Polycarbonates, polyesters, vinyl, aluminum support panel. Spectrophotometric color matching for clear, stunning graphics. Halftone, gradient and four color process screen printing for unique graphic impressions. Close-tolerance die cutting for snug fit into the product. Quick prototyping for urgent projects, laser cutting for short runs and prototypes. Overlays | Look To The Industry's Leader For The Best In Custom Overlays And Product ID PartsSelective textures and hardcoat  finishes. Transparent and tinted windows and graphics for backlighting for LCDs, LEDs and other displays. Deadfront graphics for special effects backlighting, selectively patterned adhesives and adhesives for hard-to-stick-to surfaces.

What ever you need for standard overlays or custom overlays, Data Graphics can make tailor made solutions for your specific needs. Contact us at Data Graphics, Inc. to learn more about our products and processes for custom overlays.