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Tamper proof stickers, also known as tamper resistant or tamper evident stickers, are extremely useful to companies that offer service warranties on their products. These stickers are typically affixed to the product across an opening or over the screws that would need to be removed to allow access to the products warranty protected parts whether they be electronic or mechanical. Tamper proof stickers are designed in such a manner that they become destroyed or radically altered in some way as to document with a high degree of certainty that the product has been opened. The idea is to make as sure as possible that your company is not forced to perform repairs under warranty (at your expense) when the customer has voided the warranty.

Tamper Proof Stickers | Custom LabelsIt isn’t that the tamper proof stickers themselves are tamper proof, of course. You’ve designed your product in such a way that access to its inner workings is easy to achieve by authorized and competent repair technicians. Making it literally impossible for customers to tamper with the insides of your product would be nice, but it would make any repairs that you need to do under warranty more difficult and expensive.  In the same way that security cameras don’t actually prevent people from committing crimes, tamper proof stickers merely make it next to impossible to void the product warranty without detection.

They achieve this in a number of different ways and each of which makes them very unique products. We at Data Graphics pride ourselves on the ruggedness and durability of our products and many of our customers use our other products on aerospace and military equipment, heavy industrial equipment, and other items that work in some of the most challenging work environments known to man. When it comes to tamper evident labeling, however, we find Tamper Proof Stickers | Custom Labelsourselves taking pride in how easily our tamperproof custom label products fall apart, for that is exactly what they are designed to do. When a customer tampers with our tamper proof stickers, they don’t come off cleanly in one piece and allow them to cover their tracks by attempting to reaffix the sticker. Some come apart in tiny shreds while others peel apart and leave a “void” message on a layer of tape remaining or leave a tell-tale pattern on the product itself. In the final analysis, the customer is going to be forced to take responsibility for his decision to void your warranty.

We at Data Graphics can offer you tamper proof stickers on sheets or rolls and in a wide variety of colors and finishes, which are all designed to make the customer think twice before voiding the warranty. Contact our customer representatives today and they can answer any questions you might have about what tamper proof stickers can do for your company’s bottom line.