Jennifer Mullins

Roll Label Engineer | Employee Since 2003   “Data Graphics would like you to meet one of our Roll Label Engineers, Jennifer Mullins! In June, Jennifer will be with DG for 16 years, and has been involved in the success of

Shianne Conn

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Shianne

Sales Engineer | Employee Since 2007   “Shianne Conn is one of our five inside sales representatives. Shianne has nearly two decades of sales/customer service experience. Shianne is responsible for working directly with our customers in all quoting, order entry and

Cathy Hutcheson

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Cathy

Sales Engineer | Employee Since 1997   “Cathy Hutcheson started with DG by working on the production side, with various roles in the screening department. She spent seven years in inspection, and was even our Inspection Supervisor for a time. In

Dave Gerberich

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Dave

Screen Operator | Employee Since 1996   “After retiring from his own textile printing business, Dave Gerberich decided he needed more to keep him busy during the day. Dave is currently one of our main screen press operators. Dave has been

Eric Yelvington

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Eric

Fabrication Department | Employee Since 2004   “Eric Yelvington has become multi-talented in our Fabrication Department. Eric currently runs our CNC, laser and die presses. There is rarely an opportunity he allows our sales team to turn down, always willing to

Jennifer Mullins

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Jennifer

Roll Label Department | Employee Since 2003   “Jennifer Mullins is a versatile, veteran printer. She came to us with five years experience in the printing industry before joining the Data Graphics Team. Jen has worked in several departments, initially in

Tim Shephard

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Tim Shphard

Color Analyst and Press Operator | Employee Since 1984   “Tim was Data Graphics first employee and had been an extraordinary color guru for decades. Tim’s fondest memory while being employed at DG is when he was trained by the infamous

Adam Rodriguez

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - Adam Rodriguez

Shipping Department | Employee Since 2008   “Meet the man behind the packages, Adam Rodriguez. Adam started with Data Graphics in 2008, working in various departments. He has assisted in Sales, and various Production Departments. Adam ultimately landed in our Shipping

Jamar Barriner

Data Graphics Inc Team Member - AJamar Barriner

Screen Operator | Employee Since 2007   “Meet one of the men behind the printing of your labels and overlays, Jamar Barriner. Jamar joined Data Graphics with extensive printing experience. Jamar has been trained for the Yellow Room which is where