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July 2016

Data Graphics is a Top 6 Manufacturer in Central Florida 

What an exciting year this has been with all of the recognition by our customers, suppliers and the Central Florida community.  Data Graphics is once again among the rankings as a top Central Florida Manufacturer, climbing to number 6.  Our core values continue to separate us from our competition.  Data Graphics thrives on the building of relationships through trust, honesty and a quality product that arrives on time, and at a fair price.  It all goes hand in hand; with DG you get it all–not to mention great communication and service from your sales team.  If we are not performing, we want to hear about it.  Many of our customers send us monthly scorecards to let us know how we are doing, with quality and on-time delivery being measured. Did you know we also score ourselves?  Each week, our on-time delivery exceeds 96%, while over 60% of our orders ship before their deadline (if the customer allows early shipping).  In addition, DG has a profit sharing program where our employees earn bonuses based on our limited returns and our internal scrap.  The attention we have paid over the last 32 years to quality, customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery (in addition to having the experienced, knowledgeable staff that can make the solve problems when they do arise) make us the best full-service custom printer in the world!

June 2016

Our Flag at Half Mast in Memory of Those Lost in the Orlando Shooting

Our Flag at Half Mast in Memory of Those Lost in the Orlando Shooting

6/12/16 – Out thoughts and prayers are with all of those effect by this senseless tragedy downtown. #OrlandoStrong

Celebrating Rockwell Collins Platinum Premier Supplier Status

(L-R) Kit, Becky, Shane, Liz, and John just before we hang the Rockwell Collins Platinum Premier Supplier banner.

6/10/16 – We wrap up our online celebration week celebrating the Rockwell Collins Platinum Supplier Status. Thanks again to our incredible team and to our great friends at Rockwell Collins.


The Art Department and Purchasing, (L-R) Pat, Weller, Rebekah, Karen, and Paul, enjoy winning the Boeing Gold Supplier Award.

6/9/16 – Our Art Department and Purchasing Department are posing here with the banner commemorating our Gold Supplier Status with Boeing. To achieve Gold Status we sent nearly 19,000 individual UID’s, nameplates, overlays and labels without a single late shipment, or defective part…or, as the Art Department would point out, without a single mistake on the artwork. Thanks again to our great friends at Boeing and to the fantastic art and purchasing team.


(L-R) Jen and Alisa do the bulk of our roll label printing, and helped earn the Rockwell Collins Platinum Premier Supplier award.

6/8/16 – We are at the mid-point of our online celebration week. Jen and Alisa, who handle the bulk of the roll label printing, show off the banner commemorating our Rockwell Collins Platinum Premier Supplier recognition. Thanks to the roll label ladies, and Rockwell Collins for this honor.

Fabrication Celebrates Boeing Gold Award

The Fabrication and Digital Team, (Front L-R) Michael, Jason, Wayne, Melissa, Annie, (Back L-R) Earl, Ross, Eric, Jeff, Shane, Chris, Tony

6/7/16 – Celebration week continues here at Data Graphics. Here is the fabrication and digital team celebrating receiving Boeing’s Gold Supplier Award, the highest level rating they give their suppliers. This is an incredibly elite award. At any given time, typically 100-150 of Boeing’s 13,000 suppliers achieve Gold status. Thanks to Boeing, and our rocking fabrication and digital team.

Rockwell Collins Platinum Premier Supplier and Screen Printers

Rockwell Collins Platinum Premier Supplier- (Front L-R) Jamie, Clarence, Josh, Maureen, Lee (Back L-R) Jamar, Antwan, Vern, Tim

6/6/16 – It’s celebration week here on the Data Graphics news page. We are THRILLED with some of the awards we have won in the last several weeks. Here is the screen print team celebrating receiving the Rockwell Collins’ Platinum Supplier Award, the highest level rating they give their suppliers. OK, maybe not everyone here loves to get their pic taken, but we sure love the recognition. Thanks Rockwell Collins, and our awesome screen printing team.


6/3/16 – Yesterday Jennifer Sullivan, member of the Florida State House of Representatives for District 31 visited us. She toured the facility, met with our staff, sat in on a plant meeting, and spoke to us briefly about her goals and eagerness to help small businesses. Her take on Data Graphics? “Thank you for running such a first-class operation. I greatly respect your commitment to excellence and the way in which you genuinely care for your employees and their quality of life …These are the stories I want to be able to share in Tallahassee.” Thanks for the visit, Representative Sullivan. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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