• When Quality Matters Most, Pick the Industrial Printing Facility at
    Data Graphics Inc.

    What separates one advanced industrial printing facility from another?

    It's simple–people. People you can rely on. People who are a pleasure to work with. People who continue to pursue perfection at the same industrial printing facility for generations.

    From the minute you place an order with our team at Data Graphics Inc., your complete and total satisfaction becomes our priority. Our dedicated staff has an amazingly long tenure with our team that exceeds the industry average. Why should this matter to you? Our team's experience gives them the unique ability to keep up with the blur of high-speed specialized printing equipment and focus on the smallest details that determine the success of your digital printing job.

    You also work with one point of contact throughout your order, minimizing careless printing errors that happen when other printers pass your order around all their departments. We even match our Sales Engineers to your account needs. We serve several high-tech industries, so we give you a Data Graphics specialist who speaks your language. No annoying back and forth with inexperienced salespeople. We've seen and printed hundreds of thousands of industrial labels, custom overlays and custom nameplates since our company was founded in 1984. Meet the Sales Engineers at Data Graphics and see why the difference is in our team.

  • 3 Things You Should Know About Data Graphics

    Our Industrial Labels are Trusted by Some of the World's Biggest Brands

    Our client list reads like a who's who of Fortune 500 companies:

    Samsung, Disney and Boeing. Once we serve new clients, they rarely go elsewhere for their other printing needs. More than 80% of customers have returned for a second order.

    We serve big-name clients in some of the most technical and demanding industries:

    • Telecommunications
    • Medical
    • Aerospace
    • Military
    • OEM

    The more demanding the specs for your industrial labels, the more pleased you'll be with our services.

    We Complete 60% of Our Orders Ahead of Schedule

    We invite you to tour our facility to see how we maintain our amazing order production process that allows us to complete 60% of our orders ahead of schedule. Some of our competitors' printing facilities are so messy and disorganized that you couldn't and wouldn't want to visit them. We take pride in our production by maintaining the cleanest, most organized facility.

    How does this translate to faster order completion? Carefully cataloged parts and materials let us complete production faster. Well-maintained, finely tuned equipment runs smoothly without the risk of time-consuming repair delays. Neat, clean production ensures your printed materials don't get damaged by floating debris and splashing chemicals.

    We Continually Invest in Our Facility and Certifications

    We want to stay your go-to printer for many years to come. To stay at the top of our industry, we continually upgrade our company to ensure you're getting the best service possible. We completed a $1 million renovation in 2013 to upgrade our facilities and machinery, including the addition of a new Hewlett Packard Indigo 5600 Digital Press.

    We don't only focus on equipment and facilities. We maintain the quality certifications you need in a printing vendor, including AS 9100, ISO 9001 and ITAR Compliance. We also hold the UL's PGDQ2 special designation on some materials. We are always in the process of expanding this highest UL designation to other materials. Browse some of our reviews to see how our exceptional certifications produce quality results our clients trust.

  • Industrial Labels, Nameplates, UID’s, Asset Tags, Die Cut Stickers

    Recently Awarded the Coveted Boeing Company Gold Supplier Status. I year and Nearly 19,000 Labels Without A Single Rejected Label or Missed Deadline