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Durable and Functional Control Panel Graphic Overlays for Various Industries

We specialize in producing durable and functional control panel graphic overlays for various equipment types, along with attractive designs. Our custom front panel label overlays are designed to provide unique identification for machinery’s control panels, using non-removable graphic overlays. Functionality is always our top priority during the creation of each overlay, which is why we use substrates like vinyl, polycarbonate, and polyester. Our control panel overlay materials are highly resistant to UV rays, scuffs, abrasions, and chemical corrosion, ensuring that they remain in excellent condition over an extended period. These custom overlays help to extend the life of costly equipment, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Our graphic overlays are made up of several components, including a top substrate typically made of polycarbonate or polyester, which can range from five to 30 mils thick. The sub-surface ink graphics are color-matched using the latest computer technology. We carefully select and apply adhesive to ensure optimum surface adherence. For added protection, most of our control panel overlays are sub-surface printed, shielding the graphics from top-surface abrasion, contamination via spills, grease, moisture, chemicals, dust, and weathering or UV damage. 

Control Panel FAQs

What materials are available to create my control panel overlay?

Your custom control panel overlay can be manufactured in polycarbonate, polyester, or vinyl.  Our experts can help you choose the right material for your specific application.

What range of thickness can be manufactured?

The thickness of overlays ranges from .005 inches to .030 inches (5 – 30 mils)

How durable are Data Graphics’ control panel labels?

While the specific characteristics vary by substrate, control panel overlays are made to be highly durable – resistant to scratches, abrasions, chemical corrosion, and UV rays. Custom control panel overlays are suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Do you manufacture UL-Approved control panel overlays?

Yes, we have a variety of substrates and adhesives that are approved by UL (PGDQ2 – the highest-level UL certification for labels, requiring that manufacturers get the adhesive, base material, printing, system, and lamination approved as a complete system)

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