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Selected as a 2022 Outstanding Small Business Supplier to Lockheed Martin and have been selected as a GROWFL Florida Companies to Watch 2023 Awardee!

A Top-Quality Team Delivering Top-Quality Products

Since our company’s formation in 1984, we’ve grown to become a premium industrial printing company for tough orders, demanding specifications, and jobs that require 30 years’ experience to get it perfect.

You’ll find our work in the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • OEM
  • Telecommunications

Other Industrial Digital Printing Companies Focus on Machinery — We Focus on People

Lots of industrial digital printing companies like to boast about the new printing equipment, but they rarely discuss their staff. We believe printing equipment is only as good as the specialist operating it.That’s why we feature an exceptional staff with an average of more than 10 years of company experience operating our advanced equipment. Our custom color expert has 30 years of experience with our team. We cross-train employees to ensure they can skillfully complete two or three printing techniques. Your order will never be delayed by an employee who is out sick for the day.
We also improve your service by pairing you with a Sales Engineer who specializes in your industry. As a leading industrial digital printing company, we believe that the better information in, the better the product that comes out, and our team works with you to find your exact product requirements. Take a look at some of our company’s awards and certifications to learn more about how we save you time and money by ensuring your order’s accuracy.

We Get Your Order Right the First Time with 100% Quality-Control Inspections

We perform 100% quality-control inspections on every one of your orders, not just random batch checks like other printing companies. It takes a lot more time and effort, but your order accuracy always comes first. We even do it all at absolutely no cost, regardless of your order size.

Our products go on everything from life-saving medical technology to military vehicles like Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters. These items have absolutely no room for printing errors. One mistake could be a life-and-death difference when using this equipment, so we never take chances with your orders. Our QA specialists proof every single item produced for printing errors, cutting mistakes, color running and any other common errors that impact industrial printing.

See Why Brands like Disney and Boeing Trust Our Industrial Printing Facility

At Data Graphics Inc., we don’t believe great printing takes place by accident. It’s the product of a strong team, good materials and the best industrial printing facility. We eliminate anything that gets in the way of your order, like disorganization, messes or broken equipment. Our well-organized, 25,000-square-foot production facility also allows us to deliver prompt service that gets you your order faster. In fact, we complete 60% of our orders ahead of schedule. As our sales demand increases, we continually look for ways to improve our printing services, and that includes upgrades to our facilities. In 2013, we underwent a major $1 million renovationthat gave us the space and equipment to ramp up our production and meet more order needs faster. Wondering what our completely renovated production facility looks like? Reach out to us for a tour.

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