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Custom Industrial Labels to Make Your Mark

When it comes time to choose custom industrial labels, don’t sell yourself short with a company that only has the talent and technology to give you a few options. Take advantage of Data Graphics’ versatility and almost 40 years of experience.

We print all types of labels and we have a full-service art department onsite.  Our production facility and team have the skills and state-of-the-art technology to deliver a quality custom label.  We can print your label on a variety of media using many different techniques, as we offer many print methodologies. Not to mention a variety of cutting options, such as die cutting, laser, CNC and a digital cutting table that maxes out at four foot by eight foot.

Our labels have been used to carry trademark or barcode information into some of the most challenging and demanding work environments imaginable. We can manufacture your labels to the rigorous MIL-STD-130 standards for U.S. Department of Defense contractors or to the specifications of the ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev D quality standards.

Data Graphics Custom Labels

The way you print custom industrial labels can make a brand. Pick up a nicely packaged product or look at a piece of equipment and you get immersed in the entire experience. The custom label you see just seems to fit with the rest of the product design. It doesn’t call attention to itself.

That’s what we do. We print custom industrial labels for a variety of purposes using many different materials that blend right into thousands of brands you see every day.

Our long-term customers have used us to produce product-identification labels, barcode labels, UL and CSA labels, control panel overlays, nameplates, inventory control tags, compliance labels, and hazardous material or warning labels. We offer specialized printing options to ensure that your Data Graphics labels survive every environment, whether it includes intense cold or heat, saltwater, ultraviolet light exposure, corrosive chemicals, scuffing or frequent impacts with other objects.

See why our long-term customers trust our talented printing team and more than 30 years of industry experience to produce custom labels that perform great in every situation.

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UL Labels

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Digitally Printed Labels

Roll Labels

Sequential and Barcode Labels

Dome Labels

Custom Labels FAQs

What is the best material (substrate) to use when creating my custom labels?

When choosing materials for custom labels, it’s very important to consider their durability and resistance that will be required for the intended environment. Durable vinyl, polyester, and metalized substrates are often preferred. Vinyl is resilient against chemicals and extreme temperatures, making it versatile for various industries. Polyester boasts tear and chemical resistance, ideal for environments with corrosive agents. Metalized labels offer a decorative metallic appearance and are used for aesthetics. 

Can custom labels manufactured by Data Graphics withstand harsh outdoor conditions?

Yes, many custom industrial labels are designed to withstand outdoor conditions effectively. Materials like vinyl and polyester are engineered to endure UV exposure, moisture, and drastic temperature fluctuations. Vinyl labels resist fading, cracking, and peeling, ensuring continued visibility and information legibility. 

Polyester labels maintain their integrity against harsh weather and chemicals, critical for industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare. These labels provide reliable performance and longevity, even in challenging outdoor environments, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

What are tamper-evident labels and can Data Graphics manufacture them?

Tamper-evident labels play a crucial role in maintaining security and authenticity. They provide visible evidence if an attempt is made to tamper with a labeled item, package, or access point. These labels are commonly used in industries that require safeguarding against unauthorized access, counterfeiting, or contamination. In pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food industries, tamper-evident labels help ensure product integrity and consumer safety.

Data Graphics offers years of experience in producing tamper-evident labels for our clients. 

Can Data Graphics customize the shape of my labels?

Absolutely, custom labels can be tailored to specific shapes using die-cutting techniques. Die-cut labels are precisely cut to the desired outline, allowing for intricate designs and exact fitting on equipment, products, or surfaces. 

This customization ensures that labels seamlessly integrate with the intended application, enhancing visual appeal and functional efficiency. Whether you already have strict design requirements, or you need help creating your perfect label, we can help!

What certifications do you have to ensure the quality of my custom label job?

When you choose Data Graphics, you are choosing one of the most decorated industrial printing companies in America. We hold several certifications including ITAR, UL, ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev D. For more details, please see our Certifications and Policies page.

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