Embossed Overlays
Embossed Overlays

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Custom Embossed Labels for All Your Needs

Embossed Labels

Are you looking for an Embossed label manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the custom label manufacturing industry? Look no further than Data Graphics Inc.

What are Embossed Labels?

Embossing is the process of shaping malleable material using custom made dies, heat, and pressure to create a button or key that is raised upon the material. The raised part of the label is three-dimensional giving the look of the overlay a functional and creative design. Often, companies will use embossed labels (or embossed overlays) for decorative purposes, Braille ADA compliant requirements or to add a functional, actuating button for operating a piece of equipment. These embossed overlays or keypads can be found in many industries, from your household appliances, computers, electronics, and medical equipment. Using heat and pressure, DG’s state of the art machines can emboss the button or key shape of your choice in a number of different materials.

Data Graphics Has your Embossed Overlay Materials And Colors

DG carries a strong line of durable substrates for embossed overlays and control panels. Embossed buttons can be molded into many different shapes and sizes depending on what your needs are. Data Graphics offers two types of substrate materials for embossment,polycarbonate (Lexan) and polyester (Autotex). Both of these materials are available in several finishes, weatherable conditions and scratch resistant hard coats.  Thicknesses of these materials can range from .005”-.030”.  Data Graphics can emboss most materials up to 2.5 times the thickness of the material. DG is able to match to your specific pantone colors, Fed-Std-595 colors, CMYK for digital four color process or match to a sample provided by the customer.   We are also able to offer adhesive-free areas, or selective adhesive in the button or window areas. DG offers several types of embossing:

  • Pillow Embossing: a raised button/key that is flat on the top
  • Rail or Rim Embossing: when the border of the button/key is raised
  • Dome Embossing: a curved top button/key and
  • Braille: for ADA compliance.

We Have The Experience Needed To Make Your Embossed Label

With almost 4o Years in the industrial printing industry, Data Graphics Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to create your perfectembossed label.  Our Sales Engineers are trained to help you create your embossed overlay to specification.

The telecommunications,aerospace, medical, military, and manufacturing industries have trusted us with making their UID’s, Nameplates, overlays, and die cut products because of the quality and care Data Graphics provides. Call us today or get a quote and we will help you create your perfect embossed overlay.

Embossed Overlays FAQs

What materials are available to create my embossed overlays?

Your custom embossed overlay can be manufactured in polycarbonate and polyester. Our custom label experts can help you choose the right material for your specific application.  For example, polyester embossed overlays are a great choice for high-use applications – supporting up to 5,000,000 actuations!

What is the thickness of materials used and the height of embossing allowed?

The material thickness of embossed overlays ranges from .005 inches to .020 inches. The embossed portion can be 2 – 2.5 times the thickness of the material chosen.

What types of embossing styles are available?

We offer a variety of embossing styles including rail or rim, pillow, dome, multi-level, braille.  We even offer hydro form embossing!

What colors are available?

If you envision a color for your embossed overlay, we can make it come to life!  Color options are unlimited due to our digital printing capabilities which uses 4-color process.

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