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UL Approved Labels from a Certified Vendor

With more than 40 years of experience as a leading PGDQ2, PGDQ8, or UL969. We are an authorized label supplier as part of the UL’s Authorized Label Suppliers Program. As a certified vendor, we can print your UL-authorized stamped layout or work with your classification/listing mark data page.

Data Graphics provides Type R (requires a stamped composition drawing or classification/listing mark data page) and Type L (requires an authorization order from UL with serial or issue/lot numbers), as well as any requirements you may have for PGDQ2 or UL 969 compliant labels. We primarily serve the military, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications and aerospace industries. We produce the highest quality UL approved labels for component suppliers and manufacturers of UL approved products from around the world, and our Sales Engineers are available to give you a quote.

Pick from Our Huge Variety of UL Approved Label Material Options

With Data Graphics’ state-of-the-art printing facility, we can print on virtually any UL-approved label material you want:

  • Aluminum
  • Metalphoto
  • Vinyl
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester
  • And many, many more

Whether your application surface is acrylic paint, aluminum, galvanized steel, porcelain, stainless steel, alkyd paint, polyester paint, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, nylon or polyphenylene oxide/ether, Data Graphics has a material that meets UL Standard 969. We can also meet the UL label requirements for indoor or outdoor exposure, fuel oil no. 1, fuel oil no. 2 or gasoline.

UL Listed Products Printed for the Best Longevity

There are several ways to print UL labels. You can screen print, use flexography, digitally print or thermally print. UL labels must be durable and long lasting. The material you choose will depend on the product that needs the label. Polycarbonate plastic, vinyl and anodized aluminum are some of the most durable materials. Vinyl or polyester labels are most often used on electronic components, such as computer hardware, which emit constant heat. In other cases, the UL-approved labels must be able to tolerate moisture, corrosive chemicals and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Our staff is available to help you learn more about UL approved labels and which would be the most appropriate material and printing process to choose for your labeling requirements. We stand behind every label that we make. We are proud to produce UL approved labels for suppliers to our armed forces, our public safety members and our space program. Reach out to us for a quote on your label today.

Whatever your UL label needs, contact our team for a quote on the custom label that will perform under any condition.

UL Labels FAQs

What are UL labels and why are they important in manufacturing?

UL labels, issued by Underwriters Laboratories, signify that a product has undergone testing to meet safety and performance standards. In manufacturing, these labels assure customers and regulatory bodies that products comply with safety requirements, instilling confidence in the quality and safety of the goods.

How is the information on UL labels determined and standardized?

Information on UL labels is determined through rigorous testing and evaluation processes conducted by Underwriters Laboratories. The labeling information, including safety certifications, compliance standards, and manufacturer details, is standardized to provide consistent and easily understandable information to consumers and authorities.

For this reason, only approved organizations are allowed to print UL labels.

What materials are used to create UL labels and why?

Of course this all depends on your intended use, but typically UL labels are made using durable materials like polyester or vinyl with strong adhesives. These materials ensure the labels remain intact and readable even in harsh environments. The use of these high quality materials aligns with UL’s aim to maintain label integrity, which is crucial for products’ ongoing adherence to safety standards.

What role does traceability play in the manufacturing of UL-labeled products?

Traceability is vital in UL-labeled product manufacturing as it ensures accountability and transparency. Manufacturers must maintain records of production processes, materials used, and label application to demonstrate compliance with UL standards. This traceability facilitates audits and helps maintain consistency in product quality and safety.

How do UL labels contribute to product quality and consumer confidence?

UL labels enhance product quality and consumer confidence by confirming that items meet stringent safety standards. These labels provide consumers with clear information about a product’s compliance, performance, and manufacturer details. This transparency builds consumer confidence, fostering trust in the product’s safety and reliability, which is particularly crucial in sectors where safety is paramount, such as electrical and electronics manufacturing.

Is Data Graphics authorized to handle my UL label job?

Absolutely. With more than 35 years of experience as a leading label producer, Data Graphics is fully authorized to print UL approved labels. We are an authorized label supplier as part of the UL’s Authorized Label Suppliers Program. As a certified vendor, we can print your UL-authorized stamped layout or work with your classification/listing mark data page.

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