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Industrial Safety Labels to Meet All Your Regulations

We Print Safety Labels for all Your Company Needs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces workplace safety regulations, and you can get into some sticky situations with this government agency if you choose the wrong industrial safety labels.

We print safety labels for companies that meet ANSI Z535 requirments. This includes:

  • Clear Plastic Stickers
  • Compliance Labels
  • Hazardous Material Placards
  • Hazmat Placards
  • Reflective Decal

There are warning and safety labels available for any situation, ranging from the most common to the extremely obscure. You need a company with experience printing them all. Many graphics companies have catalogs featuring common labels used across different industries. If you work in an industry where even the slightest compliance issue can lead to life-threatening consequences, you need a company with the experience developing these specific labels that account for unique risks. Our experienced team can even help you develop a specific warning label unique to your business operations.

We Print Custom Safety Labels to Satisfy Strict Standards

Choose a company with decades of experience adhering to the latest and most intense safety standardsWe feature the Underwriters Laboratories marking and labeling systems designation, PGDQ2 and PGDQ8, meeting your UL969 label requirements. 

We are continuously expanding that advanced designation to other materials.

Industrial Labels from Data Graphics Inc. Come in Any Size, Shape and Material

Our team at Data Graphics Inc. can print industrial labels from a vast array of materials, giving you the most options for quality, longevity and price. This includes polyester labels, flexible vinyl labels, polycarbonate (plastic) labels, aluminum labels, Metalphoto®, magnetic labels and glow-in-the-dark labels. Our labels also come in several formats, including rolls, sheets and individual pieces. You can order labels in virtually any shape and size. Any label can be custom-made to fit any type of job. Labels that come on a roll can be square cut, rectangle cut, oval cut, circle cut or cut with a custom-made die. Labels can be screen printed, digitally printed, flexo printed, or hot stamp printed.

Want to learn more about our safety label printing options? Reach out to a Sales Engineer to see your best options. We’ll guide you to the ideal label that meets all your safety standards.

Safety Labels FAQs

What considerations are important for selecting materials for industrial safety labels?

When choosing materials for industrial safety labels, always think in terms of durability and visibility. Consider materials like tough polyester and weather-resistant vinyl, ensuring labels withstand tough conditions and remain visible even in challenging environments.

If you have questions about which material (substrate) is best for your specific application, our experts can help guide you!

Can safety labels handle outdoor exposure and high temperatures effectively?

Industrial safety labels from Data Graphics can be designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Materials such as vinyl and polyester are engineered to resist UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. This durability ensures safety information remains clear in outdoor settings prevalent in construction, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.

Labels designed for high-temperature environments are mission critical for many of our customers. These labels are made to withstand extreme heat, maintaining their legibility and adhesive properties. Industries like metalworking and chemical processing rely on these labels to convey critical safety information despite challenging conditions.

What are the key elements to keep in mind as I design my safety labels?

Above all… think CLARITY. Effective safety labels encompass clear text, recognizable symbols, and, when needed, multilingual instructions. Employing color codes to indicate varying levels of danger or specific types of hazards will enhance your label’s ability to quickly convey vital safety information.

Our team has been helping customers design and manufacture safety labels for decades.  Have questions?  We can help!

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