Data Graphics Industrial Printing Reviews

We could tell you all about our great service, but we’d rather let our customers do it with our industrial printing reviews.

Browse the testimonials below to see why companies love working with us to fill their label, barcode, decal and overlay printing needs.


Data Graphics has knocked a grand-slam out of the park on this latest Lexan job you have done for us. The fit and color are perfect. The attention you guys give to quality and consistency is amazing. Many thanks for working so closely with us on this effort. We know it is a small volume job to you all, but this label is the “face” of a very important product line for our business. Again, many thanks for the great service you always provide to us, and for being such an awesome supplier!!

Bob Sykes

PESA, Senior Engineering Writer

You guys are so wonderful! Thank you and the DG team for your urgency and all you do.

Susan R.


We’d like to show our appreciation for the great service Data Graphics recently provided to our company. With the UID labels provided by your company we were able to deliver critical components to one of our Nation’s submarines. I know it takes a team and teamwork to deliver a quality product. However, I would like to recognize how one member on your team, Ms. Shianne Conn, made me feel as though we were a long time and great customer of your company. The level of customer service I received from Ms. Conn was nothing short of exceptional. Her communication provided me with everything I needed to keep individuals up the chain well informed right down to having provided the tracking numbers for the shipments and follow-up. What was refreshing, we are not a long time great customer. Not only were we a new and unrecognized customer, we were a customer with an urgent need and request. I should also add that this request came just days before a National holiday. Perhaps Data Graphic’s culture spoke volumes through Ms. Conn, perhaps it is people like Ms. Conn that raises the bar within a culture. I am appreciative either way. They say word of mouth is some of the best free advertising you can get. I shall be doing some of that advertising.

Thomas B.

Quality Manager

I am absolutely blown away. The labels arrived today and they look better then I could have imagined. My entire team loves them and we could not be happier. Thank you so much, from everyone here. We look forward to continued business and I truly hope you have an amazing day.

Daniel S.

Food Industry Purchasing

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your team. The labels I ordered from you came out perfect and look fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. You were fantastic to work with and the quality of the product is off the charts! I very much look forward to having an opportunity to work with you again. Thank you so much for treating my small order with all the importance of something much larger. Your professionalism and attention to detail was very much appreciated and I will, of course, highly recommend you to anyone I know in need of any services that Data Graphics offers. Again, I can’t thank you enough.


Long Beach, CA

“Fantastic!!! I wish all my other suppliers were this fast!”



“Thank you for all your time and effort. Looks perfect. Thank you for your high ethical standards. You are great.”


Regional Consumer Services

“Awesome effort getting all of the labels completed to meet our schedule. Thank you so much and please thank all there involved for me. I always have total confidence in DG and know that I can count on you. GREAT JOB!!!”

Purchasing Manager

Biomedical Manufacturing Firm

“Thank you very much for your help with my label project. I mentioned that I liked the look of the label at the proof stage. You said I would like them even more when they are finished. You are very right. WOW, I love them. The labels are 1000% better than anything I could imagine. Talking about product recognition, I am going to blow people away. You have my business for life…Cathy, you were always so patient with me and your team worked very hard setting this up. I am so glad I went with you and your company. I don’t know what to say, I could go on and on. I totally like those labels so much.”


Regional Consumer Services

“Please thank your team at Data Graphics for us. I’ve given them extremely unreasonable deadlines for our project over the past couple of weeks and they’ve been successful in meeting our demands. I was sure that the last label set would have to go to a local shop and we’d just have to settle for ‘shiny stickers’ since I only gave you a week to complete the order. I’m happy to see that your team is accomplishing the task and we’ll be able to start our prototype build on schedule. I will try to give you the quoted lead times in the future, but it’s nice to know that when we get in a bind, you’re always willing and able to help us out. Great job Data Graphics!”

Senior Mechanical Engineer

High-Tech Manufacturing Firm

“Who’s the ‘Best Little Decal House’ in the world? If they make a movie, will Dolly Parton do a guest star appearance? Thanks, Connie and please tell your team we appreciate all their efforts and support.”

Procurement Manager

International Military and Aerospace Manufacturing

“You guys ROCK!”

Procurement Agent

International Aerospace

“OMGosh you are the best, Stacy. Thank you so much and thank everyone that helped out. Tell your boss you all deserve a raise.”


International Energy Sector

“I really love your customer service. Everyone is totally amazing.”


International Biomedical Manufacturing

Data Graphics provides high quality parts for commercial aircraft, military aircraft, after market, R&D, and sub-tier suppliers.

Aerospace Company Representative

Thank you so much for the information! I always appreciate your support.

Also, Congratulations!!! I know our team has told leadership how D.G. has come to our aid numerous times, and pulled in critical parts time and time again. I was unaware of the award being presented, but it is so deserved. I can’t tell you how many times Amber an I discuss how Data Graphics have been so respective to our numerous requests, and always do it with a smile. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me this past year, and look forward to many more!

Thank you again for all you and your team at D.G. does for us on Apache !

Procurement Representative

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

I wanted to let you know just how pleased I am with the labels you manufactured for my company. They are outstanding and that is saying something coming from me as everyone I deal with thinks I am a perfectionist.

From our initial phone conversation and your willingness to assist me with product samples through the entire process I could not be more impressed.

Feel free to use me as a reference as I would be more than happy to provide an excellent referral for you and Data Graphics, Inc.

Frank Reed


I’ve recently made the statement that we have been able to completely drop our previous supplier and will now be depending on Data Graphics for a majority of our nameplates. The consistent response has been “Oh thank goodness”.

We have just received a 2017 Award for Excellence (7th consecutive year) and we were nominated for 2016 Supplier of the Year (2nd consecutive year). Data Graphics is well aware that this recognition does not come easily. We needs suppliers like Data Graphics and their team in order to maintain those high standards.

Keep up the excellent work and please share with your team a heart felt, THANK YOU.


Purchasing Mgr

“Wow! I am really blown away by your company. Never in all my years of working with vendors have I encountered amazing customer service like the one you have been providing us…Thank you so much!”

Purchasing Manager

International energy and telecommunications manufacturing firm

“Thank you for the extraordinary customer service. It certainly sets you apart from your competitors.”

Vice President

Print and Copier Industry

“Your entire team of people at Data Graphics, we thank you so much. As a supplier and you really pulled through on this ID label. I can’t thank you enough – how we appreciate you all!!! One of the upper managers made a remark that, ‘they aren’t going to pull through for $500.00’ and I said. ‘NO they aren’t like that. I have a good relationship with them and they aren’t like that.’ It was all so good!!! Thank you so much.”


International Military and Aerospace Manufacturing Firm

“Thanks for rushing this job through – we just came out of the…meeting we had them made for and I think they had a tremendous impact.”


B2B Manufacturer

“Wanted to drop you a belated note to express my thanks for the labels. They worked very well and having them a day early definitely helped us meet the first of our shipments…My thanks for your quick services and willingness to work with us in what I’m sure was a headache. We very much appreciate it. If we find ourselves in need of such services again, we will definitely be giving you all a call.”


National Military/Specialized Industrial Manufacturing

“WONDERFUL! Thank you and your team for your turn around and support…It is much appreciated”

International Telecommunications and Aerospace

“Read through any of my email chains with Connie, and you see that I am constantly complementing her outstanding service, knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile. One instance deserves particular commendation. I was working on a highly complicated label for our new product, and was deemed the responsible engineer. Connie went to great lengths to source the best materials/adhesives, providing me with documentation and samples for testing. She took great care in assuring that our material thickness, embossments, and spacer cutouts would meet the exacting mechanical and aesthetic requirements. The resulting product was so precise that I discovered flaws in how the plastic housing was being machined. Her dedication and great personality can not be overstated…as an asset for DG.”

Marketing Manager

High-Tech Manufacturing Firm

“The package was received today. Looks great. Thank you for a quality product.”


State of Alabama Dep't

“I just wanted to let you know that we received all of the barcode labels today and they are great! Thank you so much for helping us get everything set up and for the quick turnaround once we got everything finalized. It was great working with you and I hope to be able to work with you again when we next need any labeling done.”



We truly value the part you have in bringing the warfighter home and we look forward to our continued partnership.

Please continue the great work!

Gabriela M.


Thank you for knocking these out for us, by the way. We’re having problems with various other vendors (which is to be expected right now), but it helps to have somebody who can deliver. Thanks again.

Quinn M.

Modutech Marine

Please accept our appreciation for the excellent job you and everyone at Data Graphics did to expedite an order that would ultimately end up in front of a very important and influential customer. In four working days and through two revisions that resulted in a new die, setup and additional photo proofs, Data Graphics was able to give us a flawless product. Thanks to Data Graphics’ dedication, teamwork and energy, we were able to have it assembled to a unit and demonstrated by our President successfully and professionally. Everyone at Data Graphics should take great pride in this accomplishment. Data Graphics has been a valued partner for over 25 years, providing exceptional service that allows us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Bernie D.

Purchasing Manager

Once again I came to your company to get me a special ID plate that my customer needed in a very short time, and once again you and your company rose to the occasion and delivered what I needed in record time. We have only been doing business for a very short time but the end results have been WOW.(Best I can describe it).

As a Supply Chain Mgr. it is very difficult to find a company like yours, especially in my back yard that continues to impress me with your product and turnaround times when I need something is a very big hurry. As I have said before your company is one of a kind and I really appreciate the work your entire company does to get your customers product . Again thank you.

Supply Chain Mgr

Two things I have learned over the years….

1) Not enough people take pride in their job nor are most willing to go above and beyond, Data Graphics does both.
2) Not enough people thank those that do

Synapse is very fortunate to have a supplier as flexible and willing to work with us as Data Graphics demonstrates on a regular basis.

Steve Sweeney

“You guys are my heroes. Thank you for always taking care of us. I couldn’t ask for a better supplier to partner with us on our label need.”

Purchasing Manager

Biomedical Manufacturing Firm

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the Data Graphics team for your support over the years and express my deepest appreciation for your most recent work assisting (us) with a rush order to meet a particular deadline. Data Graphics has always performed beyond our expectations and continued to provide world class quality, delivery and customer service. Without suppliers such as Data Graphics, (we) would not be a leader in the laboratory instrument market. Exceptional quality and delivery from the Data Graphics team assures our customers will receive a product that will exceed industry quality and performance. Pass along our gratitude to the entire Data Graphics team for remaining one of the strongest links in (our) supply chain.”

Senior Buyer

High-Tech Manufacturing Firm

“Wow Connie – You and your fine people actually pulled this small miracle off! Unbelievable…I just spread the news here that these will be here tomorrow and everyone demanded that I tell you how much we deeply appreciate this expedited service from you and Data Graphics. It’s my pleasure to tell you this. I can not thank you enough, Connie. Please share this with your mgr/mgt and people that made it happen! Gratefully yours…your delighted customer.”


Aerospace and High-Tech Man

“Thank you for a great visit last week. You folks have a terrific company and awesome culture.”

Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Int'l Automotive Manufacturing

“Thank you for the time you spent with me Monday afternoon, explaining the history and values of Data Graphics and what…you can offer in goods and services. I was very impressed to hear how your company places high value in its employees…I also appreciate your statement pertaining to size of orders from your customers, that whether large or small, orders are important to you! Please tell the management group that I really appreciate Shianne Conn and her excellent Customer Service skills and abilities!…Thank you Shianne and Data Graphics for making us…feel special”


Tech Firm

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for continuing to support our needs for quick turnaround, especially on our recent orders to support Direct Commercial Sales. Due to the nature of these sales, customer direction sometimes changes midway through the effort, or we are required to expedite our customer deliveries due to production/sales needs. Suppliers like Data Graphics, with your quick response and turnaround time, really make a difference when it comes to executing these last-minute changes.”

Program Manager

National Military and Aerospace Manufacturer

“We received the panel overlays and they are great. Your company did a great job and you were very helpful to make sure that we were able to get exactly what we need. Everybody was pleased with the overlay.”


International Energy Sector & Military Manufacturing

“They’ve arrived and they’re perfect – exactly what we wanted! Many thanks for all your help

Purchasing Agent

Private University