Digitally Printed Labels

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Looking to avoid high printing costs?

Sure, there are many printing methods that are wonderful choices when you need a high quality product that delivers. But with advancements in technology over the years, the graphics printing industry has developed a printing technology that eliminates time intensive, expensive steps without sacrificing quality.

When you order digitally printed labels there’s no need to pay for costly screens and plates because your design concept goes straight from the computer to the printer. This makes digital printing an ideal for choice for the company that is looking for a low volume order.

Whether your company requires:

  • warning labels
  • security labels
  • asset tags
  • product identification labels
  • bar code labels
  • compliance labels
  • tamperproof labels
  • caution labels
  • hazard labels

Data Graphics can create digitally printed labels to your company’s specifications.

Choose from a variety of materials

Digitally printed labels come in various shapes and sizes and can be printed on a variety of substrates. You can choose from:

  • polycarbonate or plastic
  • paper
  • vinyl
  • mylar
  • polyester
  • polypropylene

If security is an issue…

Ask about tamper proof vinyl labels. They leave a residue when they are peeled away.

For low cost and indoor applications paper labels should suffice.

If you require digitally printed labels that can tolerate the harsh weather of Mother Nature, plastic or aluminum is best. Polycarbonate and aluminum can withstand ultra violet sunlight, corrosive chemicals, impact abrasions, and extreme temperatures. While polycarbonate and aluminum labels provide the best resistance to all situations, polycarbonate is the best material to print on. Despite its strength, polycarbonate retains it crisp, clear printing characteristics. Ask our staff at Data Graphics which material is best for your product.

Your digitally printed labels can also be cut with a custom die and embossed.

For more information about digital printed labels contact our courteous and knowledgeable sales staff at Data Graphics Inc.

Digitally Printed Labels FAQs

What are digitally printed labels, and how are they produced?

Digitally printed labels are created using digital printing technology, where artwork is directly transferred onto the label material. This process eliminates the need for traditional printing plates, making it ideal for shorter print runs and custom designs.

What types of materials (substrates) can be used to create my labels?

Digitally printed labels come in various shapes and sizes and can be printed on a variety of substrates. You can choose from:

  • polycarbonate or plastic
  • paper
  • vinyl
  • mylar
  • polyester
  • polypropylene
What are the advantages of using digitally printed labels?

Digitally printed labels offer quick turnaround times, cost-effective short runs, and the ability to customize each label with variable data. They also allow for intricate designs and vibrant colors, enhancing visual appeal.

Are digitally printed labels durable and suitable for outdoor use?

Digitally printed labels can be durable, but their outdoor suitability depends on the material used. Many digital printing technologies offer UV-resistant inks and protective coatings, increasing label durability against weather and UV exposure.  If you need help determining which type of label or material is best for your specific needs, the experts at Data Graphics are happy to help!

How do digitally printed labels compare to traditional label printing methods?

Compared to traditional methods like flexography or offset printing, digital printing offers shorter setup times, reduced waste, and the ability to make quick design changes. However, it might have slightly higher per-label costs for very large print runs.

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