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That overlay looks familiar!

Graphic overlays can be used for many purposes. Everywhere you turn an overlay is on some product. They’re on remote controls, laptops, appliances and gauges in automobiles. Whether it’s creating a nameplate overlay to brand a product for product identification or guiding the equipment operator to press the right buttons to perform a technical job, overlays can communicate valuable information.

Digital printed overlays are some of the most common data input devices used today. These products are manufactured for a variety of electronic components. They are used for industrial controls; appliances, such as stoves and microwaves; cell phones, ATM machines, and exercise equipment, such a as the interface panel on a treadmill.

Why print digitally?

OEM, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical and Defense companies can design and manufacture digital printed overlays for any kind of product often with very fast turnaround times using a digital press. They can be made using your product blue prints or custom die cut shapes. A digital press can shorten the production run making digital printed overlays more affordable. A digital press also eliminates set-up costs. You can have them printed with photos, logos and graphics using the Pantone color matching system.

Custom shape? No Problem

A digital printed overlay can be die cut to fit any of your products. Digital printed overlays can be embossed and debossed. Texture or selective texture can be added to the surface of a digital printed overlay. Adhesive or selective adhesive can be added for simple application. It can be chemical, moisture, shatter and scratch and scuff resistant. A digital printed overlay can also be laminated for a durable, long-lasting life-span. There are a number of finishes you can choose for your overlay: velvet, matte, anti-glare, or glossy.


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Digitally printed overlays are made using a wide range of materials, imaging techniques, and cosmetic options. Poly-carbonates, polyesters, vinyls, paper, PVC, tag, spectrophotometric color matching for clear, stunning graphics. Halftone, gradient and four color process printing for unique graphic impressions. Close-tolerance die cutting for snug fit into the product. Quick prototyping for urgent projects and laser cutting for short runs and prototypes. Selective textures, hard coat finishes, transparent and tinted windows and graphics for backlighting for LCDs, LEDs and other displays. Dead front graphics for special effects back-lighting, selectively patterned adhesives and adhesives for hard-to-stick-to surfaces.

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Digitally Printed Overlays FAQs

So… why would I consider digitally printed overlays over other printing methods?

There are so many advantages.  The ability to digitally print overlays has truly raised the bar in the industry and our customers are the beneficiaries! In addition to the design options and clarity of color, digitally printed overlays offer unlimited serialization/barcodes and data – essentially allowing you to personalize every single piece!

What materials are available to manufacture my digitally printed overlay?

Your digitally printed overlays can be manufactured with polycarbonate, polyester and vinyl. Our custom label experts can help you choose the right material for your specific application. 

Do you manufacture UL-Approved Digitally Printed Labels?

Yes, we have a variety of substrates and adhesives that are approved by UL (PGDQ2 – the highest-level UL certification for labels, requiring that manufacturers get the adhesive, base material, printing, system, and lamination approved as a complete system)

What colors are available?

If you envision a color for your embossed overlay, we can make it come to life!  Color options are unlimited due to our digital printing capabilities which uses 4-color process – with digitally printed labels, photo quality processing is even an option.

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