Precise Industrial Labels Designed to Outlast the Product

You can’t take chances with industrial labels. Nobody can completely escape cost as part of the buying decision, but you have to invest in industrial labels that will last. We still see industrial labels printed decades ago by our team.

Why Choose UL Labels from Data Graphics Inc.?

Our custom UL labels are manufactured to the highest UL standards. Data Graphics is an authorized UL Label supplier. We offer Type R and Type L compliant labels, as well as PDGQ2 designations options, such as polycarbonate, aluminum, vinyl and polyester. We make them available in large rolls, multiple sheets, individual pieces, multiple label sets or kits. We can produce adhesive-backed labels or include mounting holes for windows and difficult surfaces.

Unsure what will work best for your project? Overwhelmed by your options? Reach out to a Sales Engineer to learn more.

long lasting durable industrial labels

Find your perfect label! We print every style of professional-grade label for all your needs:

Custom Labels

Custom Labels

Roll Labels

Roll Labels

Safety Labels

Safety Labels

Countless Custom Labels to Perfectly Match Your Needs

We create the custom labels businesses use for commercial purposes, industrial purposes, retail products and programs. Nonprofits and individuals also hire us to produce labels to help spread the word on their programs and events.

There are a huge number of custom labels that we can produce for a variety of uses:

  • Anodized Aluminum Labels
  • Clear Polyester Labels
  • Custom Adhesive Labels
  • Custom Die Cut Stickers
  • Custom Plastic Labels
  • Die Cut Vinyl Decals
  • Digital Printed Labels
  • Industrial Decals
  • Kapton Labels
  • Lexan Labels
  • Mylar Labels
  • Polyester Decals
  • Prototype Labels
  • Vinyl Labels
  • Waterproof Labels
  • Weatherproof Label
  • Metalphoto®
  • UID
  • QR Code Labels
  • UL PGDQ2 Labels
  • And many, many more!

Durable Roll Labels, Safety Labels, Vinyl Labels and Custom Labels

Custom labels come in all shapes, sizes and vary in cost according to your requirement. We take pride in creating the best quality roll labels, safety labels and vinyl labels to fit your needs. Our labels are much more than cheap stickers. They can be printed on a number of extremely flexible and durable surfaces for indoor or outdoor purposes. We can even incorporate chemical solvents that have high resistance to oxidation and corrosion for those extreme climates and environments.

variety of label materials for customization

We can also print our labels using lightweight plastic, aluminum, paper, polyester, Metalphoto®, polystyrene, polycarbonate, Lexan or vinyl for hard-to-stick-to surfaces. We can embellish our custom labels with etching, lamination, direct images screen printed, or digitally printed with 4-color process to help it visually jump off the surface and get noticed. We can also give your labels a custom shape with our specialty dies.