Make a Bolder Statement with Nameplates from Data Graphics

custom nameplates for your custom use
When you have an important message to your employees or customers, our nameplates say it loud and clear.

If your company is in the aerospace, military, manufacturing, medical or telecommunications industry, you can rely on our experience producing nameplates for inventory and identification purposes. Nameplates aren’t just for names; Data Graphics supplies nameplates for data plates, placards, UID plates and serialized barcodes. Other information for inventory control purposes often gets emblazoned on them as well. Some nameplate information even provides vital safety details for consumers and equipment operators.

Some of our plate customers include industrial equipment manufacturers like Komatsu, Caterpillar and John Deere. The Navy’s USS Ronald Reagan and the Apache helicopter are just two well-known examples of military vehicles that use Metalphoto® plates. Data Graphics has served all 5 branches of the armed forces with our UID nameplates and other printed products.

Aluminum Nameplates to Outlast the Harshest Weather

Several materials may match your job specs: aluminum, digital printed, polycarbonate and polyester. Need a nameplate to tolerate the harshest environment? Metalphoto® aluminum nameplates may be the answer.

All of our Metalphoto® aluminum nameplates are anodized and sealed to withstand exposure to every kind of weather, extreme temperatures, sunlight, acids, salt spray, fungus and abrasives. Metalphoto® aluminum is available in a variety of finishes, colors and alloys.

Our available thicknesses range from .003” to .125”, and we provide a variety of image options that meet the GG-P-455B, MIL-P-19834B, MIL-P-15024 and MIL-A-8625 military specifications:

  • Screen printing
  • Metalphoto® process
  • Laser etched
  • Engraving

Our state-of-the-art facility produces an enormous variety of custom nameplates in all the materials, thicknesses and finishes you need.

Our Anodized Aluminum Labels Outlast the Worst Weather

Our Anodized Aluminum Labels Outlast the Worst Weather

Metal Asset Tags Trusted by the U.S. Military

Metal Asset Tags Trusted by the U.S. Military

UID’s Trusted by the Department of Defense

UID's Trusted by the Department of Defense

Metalphoto ® Nameplate

Metalphoto Nameplate

How to Choose the Right Printing Option for Your Industrial Nameplates

You can Find Our Custom Nameplates all Over the World

The uses for custom nameplates are practically endless. We manufacture a huge variety of nameplates for a variety of purposes around the world at our state-of-the-art facility:

  • Company Nameplates
  • Equipment Nameplates
  • Fixed Asset Labels
  • Fixed Asset Tags
  • Identification Nameplate
  • Industrial Nameplates
  • Legend Plates
  • Machine Nameplates
  • Metal Asset Tags
  • Metalphoto ® Nameplates
  • Military Nameplate
  • Nameplate Signs
  • Plastic Nameplate
  • UID Plates
  • Data Plates
  • Placards

endless uses and variety of nameplates

If you need assistance, our Sales Engineer can guide you through a variety of industrial nameplate printing options. Literally millions of nameplates have rolled out of our facility, including screen printed, digitally printed, UV printed, Metalphoto®, and anodized aluminum products.

Small order quantity? Digital printing is the best option. Unlike conventional printing methods, digital printing doesn’t require films, screens or traditional ink and material waste. That means a variety of design options and cost-effective price for low-quantity runs. Digital printing also saves time because the nameplate is printed directly from a computer file, without the hassle of film or screens.

Should You Pick Polycarbonate, Polyester or Aluminum Nameplates?

Anodized aluminum nameplates are used for rating plates, dials and scales, templates, instructional tags, corporate identity and serial numbers. Aluminum nameplates also meet ANSI, military, UL and CSA specifications. Aluminum nameplates are a favorite among our clients looking for an attractive finish in a hard, scratch-resistant material. Our die-cutting equipment even allows us to cut your aluminum nameplate into any shape you need, no matter the thickness.

Like aluminum, polycarbonate nameplates have superior mechanical strength, toughness and clarity. They can also survive extreme environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, chemical abrasions and corrosion. Polycarbonates are known for their dimensional stability, optical clarity, printability and graphic design freedom. They can have a clear or textured finish. They can be embossed, die cut, lasered, selective textured and/or selective adhesive can be applied. They are also available in a wide range of thicknesses, from .005” to .030”, depending on the application.

Polyester is a versatile material that has many applications, including use in electronics, magnetic media, packaging, product identification, imaging and graphing. Both materials are great for harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Polyester nameplates meet a lot of rigorous job specs, including high tensile strength, durability, clarity, resistance to abrasion and solvents, resistance to shrinking and stretching and low electrical conduction.