April 2019

HOTH – Buffy in Southeast Florida with a side of Pet Therapy.

Buffy visits our friends at Citel, always great seeing these ladies….and I think the feeling is mutual.  We are fans of them as well!  They have sent several other customers to us and we appreciate the referrals!!

While in South Florida, another long-time partnership with the team from Evolution.  It’s always great to see Suzette, as well as the celebrity status pets of hers…Brody and Jules, who love visitors and apparel!




HOTH – Off to Memphis…with a little detour

One of the great benefits of my position and seeing all of our customers across the US are the areas I get to visit.  In this case, I had never been to the King of Rock and Roll’s residence and mini themed attraction.  So in between my travels to each of our customers, there is a chance I may have pulled over to do a little sightseeing or try the best cuisine in the area.  Although I didn’t have any Memphis BBQ….I definitely experienced a light dose of Graceland.  Can’t wait to spend more time there.