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April 2016

In May we will be visiting Tennessee – New York – Texas – Alabama. If you are in one of those states and would like a visit, please let us know.

Jacquelyn was all over our beautiful country this month, from the Flint Hills of Kansas, through the farmland of Indiana, to another exciting road trip with Buffy to North Carolina. This month was all about the ladies braving the “dark and dangerous.”

Speaking of dangerous, have you ever had a port-a-potty dangling over the top of your car?

Jacquelyn and Buffy were up at 2am to catch a 5am flight. They arrived in Charlotte early to see a customer, and pulled into a downtown Charlotte Panera. A regular trip to Panera usually includes your typical danish ring, cookies, or cinnamon crumb cake…but this day was different. They get out of their rental car, look up…..and there it was…a port-a-potty hanging from a crane directly over their rental car. Many things might flash through one’s mind when they see this image, but only one thing happens–YOU RUN–in high heels, down a cobblestone sidewalk! Any heel-running amateur would have eaten concrete, but not these two professionals. Jacq and Buff made it safely inside Panera, grabbed their goodies and successfully delivered them to their customers (port-a-potty free), adding smiles everywhere they went. So the next time you have a visit from Jacquelyn, Buffy, or both, you might ask what adventures they experienced prior to their arrival at your facility!