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February 2016

Next month we will be visiting the following areas:

  • Iowa
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • California

Jacquelyn was on her own this month, traveling the US. She braved some pretty warm temps, while staying pretty local in her home state of Florida. She did venture to Virginia for a week and you wouldn’t believe how many kind people stopped during her video shoot to make sure she was not stranded. Florida girls in the snow…can be trouble. Of course the weather this week in Florida should be in the 80’s, I am venturing to Iowa…go figure. They say dress in layers, as I sit here in the Orlando airport waiting for my flight with my carry on and limited options…. sweating and ready for the cold weather I will meeting in a few hours.

During our travels, Jacq and I always make the time to thank our veterans when we see them. This morning, in front of me in the security line was a Korea War Veteran with his wife and grandson traveling back to Houston. TSA asked the Veteran several times to remove things out of his pockets. He grabbed his glasses, tissues….then he removed his dentures and put them in his shoe! Then quickly took off his cap that displayed his Veteran status he had worn so proudly, without needing to. There are no words for the respect we have for men and women like him.

While we waited together to get ourselves back together, I thanked him for his service and apologized to him that he had to go through all of that. He thanked me and let his young grandson lead him to the tram for his gate. Looking forward to a great month of traveling….and meeting more great people!

If you would like a visit, let us know!!