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January 2017

Next month Jacquelyn and Buffy will be visiting the following areas:


If your company is located in this area and you would like for us to come by, please reach out to Buffy or Jacquelyn and we will do our best to get to your facility!!

The adventures of Jacq and Buffy continue, but again separately this month.  As you know, it’s cold out and these ladies stay where it’s warm.  Don’t worry we will be further north  this month, at least Jacq will.  She has already ventured all of the way to North Carolina.  That is where she found our friend Guy, a long time DG customer.   Lots of excitement going on at DG and with our sales team. The “heels” team will be reunited soon on the highway! 






If you would like to set up a DG Visit, click here to contact HOTH