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July 2016

In August, the Heels on the Highway Ladies will be visiting the following places:


New Hampshire

Rhode Island





If your company is located in these areas and you would like for us to come by, please reach out to Buffy or Jacquelyn and we will do our best to get to your facility.

The adventures of Jacq and Buffy continue as the girls explored the Florida Panhandle and Southeast Florida, the coast of Virginia and Long Island. Have you noticed a pattern here?  Our Florida girls love the ocean air in the summertime! And now they escape the South for August in PA and New England.  Those are a couple lucky hamster-wannabes.  Hamster-wannabes?  Read on. It’s worth it.

How many of you get excited about your rental car, you never know what you are going to get? They found this car waiting for them when they got to the rental lot in Long Island:

Kia Soul

If you know Buffy’s affinity for boxy little roadsters (she drives a Mini Cooper) you would realize how excited she was for this particular set of wheels.


Wait-what? “These hamsters are here to do business?”  If you know Buffy and Jac’s affinity for all things cute and cuddly, you would also realize how much they love this commercial.

Which inspired them to do this hamster-wannabe performance of “Black Sheep”:


Do you think the ladies had fun with their Kia Soul in Long Island? Wiki-wiki-wiki! We would love to bring the fun (and maybe some problem solving and snacks) to your office when the ladies are in your area. Feel free to call us to set up a meeting. We are pretty sure they are going to stick with sales…there is clearly no future for them in Hollywood!