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March 2016

Next month we will be visiting the following areas:

  • North Carolina
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana
  • Illinois

If we are headed your way and you would like a personal visit, please let us know, and we would be happy to stop by. We don’t take much of your time and we usually bring treats. 
The ladies covered a lot of ground this month, from the East coast across the Midwest to the West coast. Jacquelyn took on PA, NJ and Ohio while Buffy traveled to Iowa and California, L.A., The OC….to be exact and you will never guess who she met…. READ MORE

Actually, some pretty interesting celebrities, including Sting…but none of them were nice enough to do an interview with us, like Al was. Next week we will be posting pics of our “brushes with greatness” on this page and on Facebook all week long.

When we visit our customers, it’s always a great experience. Most of them tell us the same thing — we would love for you to stop by but everything is going great. Only rarely are there issues to resolve, but we want to get them solved when they do arise. We love to discussing new opportunities, troubleshooting a label need, so we continuing to build relationships and grow those into partnerships. In the video, Jacquelyn visits one of our long-time partners, Al who is the Quality Systems Manager for a world class provide of gas analysis and gas handling technologies. Thanks for taking the time, Al. It is always a pleasure.