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May 2016

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Those heavy heels create lead feet

Those heavy heels create lead feet

You know, life is not always easy on the road. You land in a new area, constantly racing the clock, not quite sure how to even maneuver through the airport, searching for the signs to the rental car location. You rent the car, plug in the address then…bam, you’re off! You are at the mercy of the GPS to get you in front of your loyal, patient (and sometimes hungry) customer on time. Flight delays, long lines at the rental car facility, and wrong turns (lots of those) are all obstacles to arriving on time to your next destination. So sometimes the situation leads the Heels on the Highway ladies to have a bit of a heavy heel…OK, a lead foot. The outcome is not always pleasant. Here is Jacq being greeted by Florida’s Finest — the Highway Patrol. In fact, it took a team to pull her over. I will tell you, because of her great driving record (and of course her ability to create understanding), she was issued a warning. We are glad her schmoozing is as fast as her driving.

Luckily, we are (usually) law abiding citizens when visiting our customers and do our best to get there on time. If not, we make a courtesy call to let you know we are running behind schedule. And we would love to come visit you.

In June, the Heels on the Highway Ladies will be visiting New York, Georgia, and Florida. If you are in one of those states and would like a visit, please let us know.