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October 2016


Next month Jacquelyn and Buffy will be visiting the following areas:


If your company is located in these areas and you would like for us to come by, please reach out to Buffy or Jacquelyn and we will do our best to get to your facility!!

The adventures of Jacq and Buffy have taken them across the beautiful U.S. of A.….and a little trip across the border.  The ladies have ventured to Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, California, Texas and MEXICO—-as you can see, they have been busy racking up the miles!  Of course, our friend Hurricane Matthew put a stop to some of that traveling by canceling flights and creating some bad weather.  Jacq was nearly stranded in Houston, while Buffy and Mike almost got stopped short in California.   Little did Buffy and Mike know that when flying into San Diego, that they would be under an earthquake advisory for a major earthquake.….with a  Hurricane warning at home.  Everyone made it home safe and all at DG escaped any damage from the Hurricane.

Buffy along with DG Co-Owner, Mike Welter, crossed the border into Mexicali to visit one of DG’s long-time customers, Rockwell Collins.  Entering the country was easy……Mike even learned a little Spanish!

A nice visit was had by all, here is Buffy and Mike with the RC EEMSA team  in Mexicali.


Getting back across the border was the real fun, this included about two hours sitting in the car waiting in line…..to pass the time….more videos!!


Next on HOTH….Jacq and Buffy head to Chicago!