January 2019

In the upcoming weeks, we will be visiting the following areas:

Florida – Georgia – Alabama

If your company is located in this area and you would like for us to come by, please reach out and we will do our best to get to your facility!

Buffy visiting with the team in Mexicali, Mexico…Luis, Karen and Mary

Need new shoes! 30 states visited, plus Mexico…from wildfires in California, snow in the Northeast, hurricanes in the South and blue skies in the Midwest…the theme across the USA was the same for manufacturing…we are placing orders, innovating, producing and shipping product, many full parking lots!

Driving across the border, SOLO…you know there was an adventure to be had…well guess what…

See how the border crossing adventure went…


….the GPS doesn’t always work the same, after an hour of trying to find the hotel during sunset, figuring out the difference between kilometers and miles, the hotel was found safe and sound. A great visit was had with the team from Collins Aerospace, a partnership for over 35 years….we serve multiple locations across the US and Mexico. If you would like to set up a DG Visit….email us at sales@datagraphicsinc.com